With our flat rates for every project and our experience with 300+ startup clients over the last decade, we can accurately budget the total patent costs for the next 12-18 months.


Since we do not invoice for meetings, phone calls, or emails, our clients ask more questions, feel more confident, and share more information about their long-term vision.


With a clear budget and a strong understanding of their vision, we help our clients answer what, when, where, and — most importantly — why we are building a patent portfolio.


We believe that passion drives excellence. So, we are unusually selective with new clients to ensure that we have the passion and drive to do our best work.

"The Schox team is amazing at capturing inventions and drafting patent applications on really hard technologies with so little effort and time on our end."

Kyle Vogt - Founder/CEO of Cruise

"Jeff is a brilliant patent attorney and investor, making him a great counselor for any technology company."

Naval Ravikant - Founder/CEO of AngelList

"For early and important patent applications — prepared and prosecuted by professionals who really understand business — I recommend Schox."

Chip Lutton - Chief Patent Counsel of Apple (2001-2011)

"Schox is the most recommended patent firm within the YC community, and for good reason. The value that you get from Jeff and his team is incredible."

Jesse Vollmar - Founder/CEO of Farmlogs

"I trusted Schox to build us a patent portfolio to defend against entrenched incumbents, and they delivered mightily: 30 straight issued patents with a 100% allowance rate."

Jeff Lawson - Founder/CEO of Twilio

"When we wrote The Hardware Startup book, we turned to Schox as the expert in patent law."

Renee DiResta (Haven) and Brady Forrest (Highway1)