Our Team


Law, especially patent law, can be very complex and confusing. We take great pride in translating patent law into straightforward business decisions for our clients.


We celebrate our client’s triumphs and share responsibility in their shortcomings and, for this reason, we are driven to provide the best work product imaginable.


We enjoy teaching and we believe that both the startup community in general and our clients in particular benefit from the many resources that we contribute.


We designed our business model around investing in longterm relationships, and it has worked. On average, our revenue has increased 30% per year for 10 years.

Jeff Schox
  • Founder / Patent Attorney
  • BS Mechanical UMichigan
  • MS Electrical UMichigan
  • JD George Mason
Diana Lin
  • Partner / Patent Attorney
  • BS Bioengineering UC Berkeley
  • MS Mechanical Stanford
  • JD Santa Clara
Sam Rosenthal
  • Senior Associate / Patent Agent
  • BS Materials Stanford
  • MS Materials Stanford
  • PhD Materials Stanford
Caitlin Ploch
  • Senior Associate / Patent Agent
  • BS Mechanical Hope College
  • BA Physics Hope College
  • MS Mechanical Stanford
Randy Mehlenbacher
  • Senior Associate / Patent Agent
  • BS Chemistry & Physics University of Rochester
  • PhD Chemistry University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evan Myers
  • Associate / Patent Agent
  • BS Mechanical Carnegie Mellon
  • MS Mechanical Stanford
Annie Imbrie-Moore
  • Associate / Patent Engineer
  • BS Biomedical Harvard
  • PhD Mechanical Stanford
Rachel Lu
  • Associate / Patent Engineer
  • BS MS&Engineering Stanford
  • MS MS&Engineering Stanford
Jake Schaffer
  • Head of Docketing
Krista Thompson
  • Legal Assistant
Jennifer Ruiz
  • Controller
Tawan Udtamadilok
  • Head of Operations